If your pen refuses to feed filament, it may mean that you have a clog. This is not necessarily abnormal and can usually be fixed pretty easily. It will, however, require that you disassemble the pen slightly, so buckle up! Here’s a quick down-and-dirty guide to fixing a clog:

1. Turn the pen off, disconnect from power, and wait at least an hour to ensure that the pen has had ample time to cool fully.

2. Remove the black tip at the front of the pen by squeezing the two black tabs and pulling away from the pen. (A good trick is to use a key to push the tabs and then shimmy it loose from there.)

3. Once the tip has been removed, you will be looking at the heating element, which can also be removed for easy cleaning. Simply pull away from the pen by the plastic base to remove. (A flat head screwdriver works really well here.)

4. Once the heating element has been removed, you should be able to see the plastic that’s causing your clog inside the pen. Remove this using your fingers, tweezers, or even a pair of pliers.

5. Reassemble the pen by first reattaching the heating element, then re-inserting the black pen tip until the black tabs lock it back into place.

After following these steps, your pen should be right back to normal. Plug it back in, turn it on, give it a couple of minutes to heat up, then attempt feeding your filament again.



This is far more rare. If you’ve followed the troubleshooting instructions and found that your clog looks like the above image, you may be in over your head. This sort of clog requires a complete replacement of the printing head. Don’t worry, though: we’ve got you covered with any one of two options:

1. You may ship the entire unit back for repair, during which time we’ll replace the printing head and test to ensure that your pen runs like new before shipping it right back to you.

2. We can ship you a new printing head and you can replace it yourself. (Believe it or not, this actually isn’t very difficult for you daredevils out there.)

Whichever option you choose, simply contact us and we’ll work together to get your 3D pen back up and running faster than you can say, “Hey, how’d you do that!?”



To download a PDF version of the SketchPro 3D Pen manual, simply click here to start the download.