About us

Much like the products that it offers, SketchPro is a proof of concept come to life. Initially little more than an idea shared between of a small team of creatives, SketchPro has grown rapidly with the explosive release of its first 3D Drawing Pen. Born of inspiration, creative foresight and hard work, the SketchPro brand seeks to establish a sense of unhindered ingenuity in the minds of its customers.

Here at SketchPro, we believe that when you can trust the tools you use to create art, you’re free to enter the field of your imagination unencumbered. This is what makes art fun.

SketchPro was built not only on a foundation of creative inspiration, it was built on an understanding of true value. You don’t just need a tool that you can trust - you need a solution that you can afford. This is why SketchPro will always be your best bang for the buck - even (and especially!) in markets saturated by alternative options. Count on SketchPro to deliver top quality at the very best prices.

One more thing we should mention: SAFETY. Understanding that many of our products appeal to younger audiences, our team of designers has spent countless hours developing products that are not only dependable, but also safe for children. Expect only the best in terms of both quality and safety from your SketchPro products, because your kids matter just as much as ours do.

*SketchPro is a US-based company. All of our products are tested and verified right here in Scottsdale, Arizona.